Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Master Closet Makeover - Step 3: Design & Install!

All of the hard work is officially done - organizing, rehanging the clothes, painting, stenciling, and accessory shopping is complete.  Check out Step 1: Organize! and Step 2: Decorate! for further details.

Now it's time for me to kick back and let Laura VanSickle from Closets by Design coordinate the design and installation of the perfect closet system that will meet my husband's and my needs.  Again, we are on a budget here - as much as I would love mirrored doors, spotlights, and drawers with glass pulls like Big and Carrie's closet, we've got to be realistic.

For our initial consultation, Laura looked at our current system and asked what we were using and what was lacking.  She took measurements of the actual room and also measured how much space to allow for each of our shirts, pants, and folded clothes.  Again, this is what we came from - ClosetMaid wire shelves with no utility and wasted space:

Far Wall - BEFORE

Shoe Wall - BEFORE

A week later Laura shows up with a professional design with a room layout and 3 walls complete with shelves, hanging bars, a shoe wall (yay!), belt rack, valet bar, and laundry basket.  With a couple of adjustments, she and I have agreed on the perfect layout that will fit what's left over from our organizing purge a few weeks before.

She shared 20 different color options with me, and knowing the low lighting situation and future green walls, I chose classic white cabinetry to brighten up the space.  I asked that we keep the back of the units open to feature the green paint and stenciling that would be featured on the walls behind the cabinetry.  The only upgrade that we added was crown moulding across the top of the cabinets for $350 to go with our glamorous dressing room design.

We scheduled the install for the morning of December 21st, which was supposed to take approximately 3-4 hours.  Promptly at 9:00 AM the installers from Closets by Design show up ready to work.  After speaking with a friend about her closet installion nightmare from a competing closet company, I was unsure what to expect when they arrived.  However, Victor and his partner are extremely friendly, courteous, and were very prompt in the installation, completing the entire project in 2 1/2 hours.

Far Wall - AFTER Install
My Wall - AFTER Install

Husband's Wall - AFTER Install

Shoe Wall - AFTER Install

Now I just have to load everything back in an organized fashion.  So many options - this closet system is completely can move the shelves and hanging bars to wherever or whatever height you want.  And I have a dining room full clothes waiting to be hung in their beautiful new home.....

Our makeshift closet while painting and installation was completed

2 1/2 hours later I have rearranged and fit (with room to spare) everything in an organized fashion back in the new space.  I sit on my newly upholstered ottoman for 5 minutes, relishing in the calmness and beauty of having a perfectly organized and decorated closet.  Oh, ahem, I mean "dressing room". 
Far Wall - AFTER

Shoe Wall - AFTER
Husband's Wall - AFTER

My Wall - AFTER

When I now walk in my closet, I am no longer stressed by the chaos that had taken over, but am blissfully happy by the fact that everything has its own beautiful place to be stored or displayed.  What a wonderful way to end the year!

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  1. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your closet? Fantastic job.