Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Master Closet Makeover: Step 2 - Decorate!

I'm already feeling better.  The process of getting rid of all of my junk that I didn't need and giving it to other families in need is so cleansing!  Missed that part?  Check out Step 1 of our Master Closet Makeover: Organize!

Now it's time to focus on the fun part - decorating!  Yes, I am an interior decorator, and I will decorate my closet.  I think we all remember Carrie's closet in "Sex and the City 2" (available with Spanish subtitles below!) and who wouldn't be inspired by that dream?  My goal was to create a glamorous dressing room but with a much smaller budget and space than Carrie and Big had to work with.

My professional organizers from Simplicity suggested buying new hangers to create a uniform and streamlined look.  Bed, Bath and Beyond offers thin, no-slip hangers from Real Simple in 3 colors: white, black, and "blue", which actually was similar to my future paint color.  I picked up 4 boxes of 50 hangers for $29.99 each (or save $6 each with your 20% off coupon!) for all of the hanging shirts. 

Real Simple no-slip hangers from Bed, Bath and Beyond
For pants, Ikea offers curved wood hangers in packs of 8 for $4.99.  They just expanded their color offerings to include black and white wood hangers in addition to light wood and dark wood.  I bought 7 packs in the white color to match the future closet system.

Bumerang curved hangers in white wood from Ikea

My best decorating tool when on a budget is PAINT.  Paint is an extremely inexpensive way to make a big impact and completely change the look and feel of a room.  There are millions of colors and hundreds of different treatments that your possibilities with paint are endless.  What I chose to do here was match the color of my master bedroom, Halcyon Green by Sherwin Williams, but use a stenciling technique to give the walls some interest and that "glamorous feel".

Far Wall - BEFORE Paint

Far Wall - AFTER Paint

Yes, I said stencil.  I know, I would be scared, too.  However, Cutting Edge Stencils, has a great selection of updated stencils that are far from the 80's and 90's country border stencils that I automatically think of when I hear that word.  They offer large plastic allover stencils that can be taped directly to the wall, and you can paint a large portion of the wall at one time. 

The stencil I used for the closet is called "Casablanca" and is only $39.95 from Cutting Edge. I used Valspar's metallic paint in the color "Silver Patina", which can be found at Lowe's in their "Earth Elements" Brilliant Metals paint line. 

Casablanca Allover Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils

During the stenciling process
The key with stenciling is PATIENCE.  I used a small 4" cabinet door paint roller found at Lowe's or any major hardware store.  Using a level while stenciling is also important - once you've got the stencil positioned level  for the the first placement you should be OK as long as you use your painted pattern to guide your future placements.  Don't assume your floor or ceiling is level - it usually never is!  Here are more stenciling tips online for those interested trying out this painting technique.

One other item that I added to help acheive my dressing room look was a 7 foot tall leaner mirror, found at HomeGoods, for $100 with an antiqued silver frame.  I didn't have a full-length mirror in my closet before and that item is definitely a must-have for a dressing room.

The only other accessory to add (I had to keep reminding myself that this is only a closet) was some sort of step stool for me to use to get up in the top shelves.  I opted to use a small upholstered ottoman, which could also double as a place to sit when putting on shoes.  I found the one below again at HomeGoods for $80, which was the perfect size and style for the space.  It just needed a little facelift, which my upholsterer was happy to oblige.

I chose to have it recovered in Premier Prints "Traditions" cotton linen print in their Eaton Blue/Linen color for only $10.49/yard.

With all of the paint and accessories selected, all that's left to do is wait for our custom closet to be installed by local company Closets By Design.  Read our next entry - Master Closet Makeover: Step 3 - Design and Install! to see the dramatic AFTER pictures and find out about the benefits of having your own custom closet system.

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